I am from Colombia and have been living in Florida, USA since 2000. I am a happy wife and a proud mother. I left everything in my country to seek a better future for my family and myself.

After many years, all I had was a job where I was such a good employee that I did the work of three people. Although I was poorly paid, I lived comfortably but not happily. My boss owned my time, and I was always exhausted. I knew that if I didn’t find something different and better to do, my life wouldn’t change.

I love spending time with my family, and I firmly believe in God and the importance of family. I want to become better every day, help others believe in themselves, and achieve financial freedom. I love traveling, making new friends, earning money, experiencing other cultures, and most of all, being happy.

When the club came into my life, I felt it was the perfect tool to pursue everything that I am passionate about. I believe that embarking on this entrepreneurial journey is an adventure that everyone should experience. It’s a path of learning where we start discovering our true potential. Sometimes, we hold ourselves back by clinging to a stable job or letting our fears control us. I continue to learn every day, I still have fears and doubts, and I face new challenges, but I hold my head high. I know that my future will be wonderful.

I am not yet where I want to be, but every day I am getting closer. I also love this new and improved version of myself. I believe that a wish alone changes nothing, but a decision and taking action changes everything. Take action in your life, and do it now!