The city where I was born and have always lived is Sabadell. I come from a family of traditional business owners. The truth is, I always believed that there was something better for my life, which is why I was always open to experiencing new things. I focused on personal growth, reading books, listening to tapes, attending seminars, and conventions. Anything that would help me grow was valuable to me.

Then, network marketing entered my life, and to be honest, it has become a lifestyle and a business that fulfills me. I have been through various companies, some of which I succeeded in, while others I didn’t, but I always learned something.

Since I discovered this travel club, it has brought back excitement into my life. While helping people achieve their dreams, I generate interesting income and get to travel the world. To me, it’s the best.

Now, in my dream future, I see myself traveling the world, helping thousands of people, and having financial freedom to own my time and my life. I am grateful to Jonatan and Estefania for thinking of me that day they presented me with something so great. Thank you so much.