I have been living in Spain for 17 years. I came here with hopes of creating a new life for myself and my children, with a strong belief that everything in life can be changed. Without knowledge of the language, with a visa for only 10 days, and $200 in my pocket, that’s how I started my life in this beautiful country.

It wasn’t all easy… But when a person knows clearly what they need, everything falls into place. I started by washing dishes and cleaning floors in restaurants, then moved on to working in the kitchen and as a waitress.

Words are not enough to explain everything. The most important thing is that if you have a strong desire, you can achieve anything in life. Two years later, I realized that I could develop my own business, so I rented a small restaurant on the coast. My traditional business lasted for 10 years until I sold the restaurant.

I enjoyed all of that, but in my heart, I felt there was something more beautiful. Sometimes they say that those who seek shall find. And I found it in my dreams… It was strange because I had never dreamt of traveling on a cruise or working in a network marketing company… but life brought me to this shore…

My Spanish friends knew I was looking for a business, and one day they offered me the Club… It seemed strange to travel on cruises because I can’t swim, and I said that I wasn’t interested in the travel aspect, but I thought I would give it a try as a business for the price it cost. Today, I am very happy and grateful that I took this step and completely changed my life!!! I have a great team that is growing every day all over the world. In three years, I have traveled on 8 cruises, visited over 30 countries, and 70 cities. I have improved my financial situation, and my big dream is to reach all ranks in our company!