I begin by saying that I am the father of twin daughters, Maria and Anna. They are my driving force, my oxygen, and I mention this because they are decisive in my new journey.

Regarding my professional life, I worked for over a decade as an Investment Director in multinational companies in France, England, and the USA. Until I decided, due to a personal event, to become the owner of my time and stop merely existing. I went from refusing to honor my life to enjoying it because it is evident that I will not leave it alive.

Therefore, I became a speaker and an international coach, delivering hundreds of conferences in Latin America and Spain. My latest certifications have been with the John Maxwell Team, who are the number one Leadership team in the world.

Last year, I dedicated myself to taking care of my mother. Also, I have been asking myself, what do I want to do in this new decade that begins? What will be my new purpose? What legacy do I want to leave for my daughters? I want them to have financial peace and for money not to be the cause of the majority of the 50,000 to 80,000 thoughts I have daily.

That is why I was looking for an idea that had the DNA where love, connection, and honoring life would give people from all over the world the same opportunities. And I found it, and although it wasn’t my idea, the creators of that idea had those values and created the magnificent travel club.

Being a member of an exclusive Cruise Club means traveling on luxury ships, going wherever I want, with whomever I want, and whenever I want. Furthermore, with the real possibility of traveling for free! At the moment, I travel for FREE, and I took my sister, who traveled for free, and my 91-year-old mother, who traveled for free. This year, my daughters will do it too. Being able to enjoy these experiences with them is a blessing, and I have the whole planet to choose from. Additionally, it brings the utmost pleasure of meeting countless people from all over the world and participating in the profits generated by this wonderful world of cruise tourism, which continues to grow and grow.

It is incredibly gratifying to know that my choice makes me feel that growing and helping others grow is to be and exist in life in an empowered way.