I am Cuban, and I arrived in Miami, United States, in 2004 along with my wife Mileidys and our two children, Yorge and Millié, who were 4 and 1 year old, respectively.

We worked very hard in traditional businesses, a jewelry store and a vending machine business, all to provide for our family. Eight years passed, and we started looking for something that would give us financial freedom because we had become slaves to our businesses. They provided enough for us to live, but they consumed a tremendous amount of time, 70 to 80 hours a week.

The club has given us hope to fight for a better future for our family. At first, we had many doubts, but little by little, we cleared them, gained confidence, and increased our belief. Meeting the owner and founder in person was the key that made us decide to, as they say colloquially, «burn the boats» and fully commit to such a fresh, innovative, and adventurous project like this.

Currently, the income we generate with the club allows us to pay the rent for our house. Of course, we will continue to develop this wonderful business to one day fill the American Airlines Arena in Miami, always sharing this amazing treasure we have in our hands with thousands of families around the world.