For years, I have been fully dedicated to life, surrendering to living in acceptance of all things, marveling at how life leads me and fills me with gifts if I simply accept its invitation to dance, laugh, participate, share, and enjoy. Many changes are happening around me.

In Colombia, we were entrepreneurs. First, we managed a regional distribution of footwear, CROYDON, for those who are familiar with it. We also had a cattle, panela, and cocoa farm. At the same time, I joined a cosmetics multilevel marketing company (YAMBAL), where I ranked 5th in national sales and was appointed National Sales Coordinator. We created a factory for geomembranes, waterproof clothing, and plastic articles used in the oil industry (IMA plastic engineering). From Bucaramanga, we moved to Bogotá, where we owned a Texaco gas station.

We left my country in 2000 due to continuous harassment by the guerrillas, leaving behind all our belongings. By invitation from Catalan friends, we settled in Barcelona and were warmly welcomed.

I started from scratch working at UNI DOS, a telecommunications company, doing door-to-door sales, where I met Balbino Poncelas and Aurelio Gil. Later, I joined Marcel Cluny’s team and met Rafaela Torreblanca. All of them are now part of the Club.

Subsequently, we started our own real estate agency. A year and a half ago, I was invited by Rafi, and on that same day, I joined the company to develop the business and travel. However, due to circumstances in the real estate business, it was only 7 months ago that I started incorporating new partners. After 2 months, I began to travel for free, and after 7 months, I reached the first leadership rank. Now, I am preparing to reach the next level, a new challenge, and I am convinced that we are in the best company, with the best team and the best product.