I was born in a beautiful city in northern Spain, San Sebastián. I am the son of a factory employee and a housewife. I have always been raised with values and humility, although with the aim of being employed in a good job, never for entrepreneurship.

Twenty years ago, I met the most special person in my life, who is now my wife and the mother of my children, Tania. She was the trigger that made me start the shift towards an entrepreneurial mindset.

In 2004, I came across Network Marketing, and that’s when I discovered my true future. I found the vehicle through which I could develop personally and professionally without any limitations. Until then, I only encountered barriers to achieving my professional growth, which translated into obstacles for my dreams and those of a future family.

I remember, as if it were today, a phrase from my friend José, the person who introduced me to this industry: «Everything you create starting from yourself will have unlimited rewards.» When I heard this, my mind «soared,» and I regained the ability to dream, a quality I had long forgotten, and I had a vision, in a matter of seconds, my mind flew towards a truly promising future.

After that, I had to go back to working for others for 11 years, to whom I am grateful for the acquired learning. But in 2018, I was given a new opportunity. My friend Jonatan Diaz helped me regain a new sense of excitement. Today, I am dreaming again, traveling with my family, and I feel very happy and grateful to the club I belong to.