I am a mother of two children, aged 5 and 7, and along with my husband, we moved to Brussels, Belgium in 2009. We are both from Suceava, Romania, a place that I recommend everyone to visit. It has beautiful mountain landscapes and remarkable monasteries in Bukovina.

I am a professional coach, working in the field of personal development, and I help people discover their potential.

I am passionate about vacations and helping people improve their lifestyle. I believe that vacations are necessary for balance in life. Going on vacation to a new place helps you develop and see life from a different perspective than you do every day.

I set a goal to travel to a new country every year, but after discovering a vacation club, I can now explore multiple countries each year, not just one.

Last year, I visited 4 countries in Europe, and this year my goal is to visit Asia and North America. I recommend that you experience a cruise at least once in your life and have incredible vacations every year!