Jonathan Díaz is an extroverted and very curious person since his childhood.

He has always wondered why things are the way they are and has always had great inner strength.

From a young age, sports taught him that with discipline, hard work, and a big dream, incredible things can be achieved.

He comes from a humble family that has taught him to be a hard worker.

From a young age, he wondered if there was another way to generate income while having more freedom and time.

In 2003, he came across a large financial services company that was expanding in his country, and even though he had no knowledge of business or finance, he started working part-time in that corporation. It was there that he acquired the foundations of being a businessman and his know-how.

Due to the 2008 crisis, he had to close his financial services office because banks had lost credibility in investments, and clients didn’t want to buy any savings products. So he decided to start a real estate office, which generated a lot of income. However, he realized that he was still a slave to his own business.

Between 2013 and 2014, his Great Learning occurred. He was deceived and ended up completely broke, both financially and emotionally.

Starting from 2015, he dedicated himself to investing in himself and overcoming that setback.

In 2016, he discovered the travel club where he is currently involved. He feels very happy and grateful to help thousands of people travel to their desired destinations and fulfill their dreams.

Currently, Jonathan Díaz enjoys a comfortable lifestyle without worrying about the end of the month, without being in the red financially. But above all, he remains a humble man who loves helping others achieve their dreams.