Until a few years ago, I was a network administrator at a major financial institution, the classic steady job, 14 monthly paychecks, but I was not happy at all. I had become a slave to my work, waking up every morning at 7 and returning home at 8 in the evening.

It was such a routine job that felt like a broken record, always going to the same places, surrounded by the same people, and talking about the same things over and over again.

It was exactly the evening of April 23, 2015, and I was going through a very difficult time following the untimely death of my mother.

Coming back home and looking at myself in the mirror, I saw my life projected into the future: It would be the same old reheated soup until the end of my days! I will never forget it, I felt unwell, a stomachache as if there was something inside me that desperately wanted to come out. And it was there, unknowingly, that I grabbed pen and paper and vomited out and wrote that phrase that still defines me today: «What if it’s time to change my life…?»

It’s true: It is in the moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.

I was very determined and resolute about it, I remember that day as if it were yesterday:

I went to deliver my resignation to my president. He didn’t want to sign them, but I left them on his desk anyway, telling him that he wouldn’t see me starting from the next day.

Do you know how many people thought I was crazy because of this decision?

From that moment on, I embarked on a series of entrepreneurial activities that have allowed me to fulfill big dreams and live more in Asia than in Italy for the past three years. Since January 2019, thanks to my acquaintance with a very famous and successful American entrepreneur, we have started a project that excites me immensely, and I can define it as the pinnacle of my career because it enriches people’s lives, brings success to everyone, and provides so much fun.

I am truly grateful and consider all of this a blessing. Now, I see the future with great enthusiasm, in a rosy light, and I am happy to have brought solidity and stability to myself, my children, and the children of my children.