Who were you?

I have always been a restless person. As a young girl, I didn’t finish my studies because I couldn’t find my place. I started my entrepreneurial journey at the age of 19 with a magazine, sales, and many other ventures. None of what I did back then worked out; I was paid little or nothing, I was deceived, and I was very young. At the age of 22, I entered the Real Estate industry and became involved in all aspects of the sector, including property search and sales, rentals, contract drafting, deal closures, insurance, investments, and more. I had a strict boss who taught me the value of organization and respect. It was there that I met Jonatan, who has been my partner for 15 years, but that’s a story for another time.

What was your life like before joining inCruises? It’s been almost 6 years now. I was finishing my Law degree while Jonatan started in December 2015 with a company dedicated to the travel and leadership industry. Through a call with a close friend, he learned that inCruises was starting as the first cruise membership club. The idea seemed fantastic, but I wanted to finish my degree, so I continued studying while he started developing the business.

Connection: Discovering inCruises. Who entered your life and what did they say about the Membership and inCruises’ business opportunity that led you to listen and watch the videos?

By the time I finished my degree, Jonatan had already been working with the club for a while. We had a team, and we were already traveling for free. It was on our sixth free cruise, on a beach in the Bahamas, at Coco Cay, that Jonatan asked me to join him in developing the business.

Starting your inCruises business At first, I took all the courses and read all the documentation. Simultaneously, I started reaching out to people to develop the business and find more clients around the world.

How difficult was it to start your inCruises business? The most challenging part was finding the first leaders who wanted to build a career and reach the first leadership rank. I needed people who were eager to learn, independent, and understood that a professional career is not easy. But if you are consistent, you will achieve excellent results in the business world.

Your first success with inCruises When I reached the first leadership rank, it was solid. I could plan well, and when I ascended to the second level, I could relax a bit because I had a team with me. We were a small group, but we had grown together.

Celebration: What ranks have you achieved? What is the new path you are on now regarding your lifestyle, health, career, and finances?

I’m on the path to qualify for the third leadership rank, with over $20,000 in monthly qualified production. I receive an average of $2,000 per month without starting from scratch each month. In other words, if I wanted to retire now, I could do it with a higher pension than average. However, I want to continue growing in the business and helping more people, including my own mother, whom I can provide a monthly allowance for peace of mind. I have professionals in my circle who are changing my sedentary student lifestyle. I eat better and exercise, something I had forgotten since my youth when I was a professional swimmer and water polo player.

How did you grow, become stronger, and change your life?

My life has changed. I have a higher quality of life. I travel the world, have freedom in my schedule, and can plan and be with my family whenever I want. I have grown as a person, and my mental strength has increased in dealing with trivial matters that distract from my goals. I simply remove them from my life. I approach problems from a different perspective, and I am stronger than before. The business has helped me grow as an individual.