I’m from Barcelona, married, and a father of two children. I have been an entrepreneur my whole life in a family business that my father started over 30 years ago. But everything changed. In 2017, I came across an opportunity through one of my best friends, Jonatan Diaz (a leader in the Network Marketing industry for his results and contribution to others).

He told me about the club because we were going through certain financial difficulties due to various changes in our traditional business. When he gave me the option of «Traveling for Less,» my eyes lit up after not being able to take vacations for three years.

Jonatan also explained that I had the option to «Travel for Free» and could generate extra income part-time without having to leave my business. So, I LOVED it! I immediately got active in the Club and went crazy sharing the opportunity with everyone around me because I thought that if this savings method worked well for me, it would also solve the vacation problem for others.

In just two months, I started generating my first income, and by the third month, I was already traveling for free.

In the fifth month of being in the club, we took our first cruise with COSTA. Imagine the feeling of being on a 16-story cruise ship, filled with all kinds of entertainment, amenities, meals, and visiting different countries. But that was just the beginning…

The following year, we took two more cruises. In April, we went with CARNIVAL, and in September, we sailed with MSC… thanks to my wife also joining the club.

And last year, in 2019, we went on a cruise to the Greek Islands! We made up for the vacations we missed in previous years, and now we go on two cruises per year! We can only express GRATITUDE to the entire team of our travel club, to all my DIRECT TEAMMATES, and especially to my friend Jonatan Diaz for encouraging me to start this BEAUTIFUL PROJECT. We are creating wonderful friendships, and each one of them contributes to our success.